Automatic thread taping machine

Thread tape wrapping machine

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Product Characteristics

ptfe tape wrapping machine

Compatible with a variety of standard tape rolls sold on the market.
This is the only machine in the world.

Machine Specifications

Size : 480*435*595 mm, Weight : 55 KG

Voltage : 110 V or 220 V

Thread Size Range: from 1/8” to 3” ( 3 mm to 76 mm )

Tape speed: taping one part only 2-3 seconds .

Available Tape Widths: from 3 mm to 20 mm

Tape : PTFE, Teflon Tape

Touch screen, easy to operate and set up

Number of cycles can be set freely. ( 1-20 cycles )

Application quantity will be displayed on screen

Model: H91, H92

The ptfe thread seal tape automatic application machine is designed to automatically wrap the ptfe teflon tape to the pipe threads.


Widely used in Industrial Gases, Water Treatment, Fluid Control, Medical Equipment, Liquid Propane Gas, Fire Protection. Suitable for tape width from 3mm to 20mm.


Touch screen control, Freely set the number of cycles.


This machine can effectively improve the production efficiency, Increase efficiency by 600% .

tightness of the ptfe thread seal tape to the threaded joint. eliminating all leaks, ensure safety.

Reduce tape usage and waste caused by manual wrapping. Can save costs by 500% .

teflon tape wrapping machine

Suitable for a variety of thread specifications.

thread from 3mm to 76mm.

1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1-1/2

Cylinder valve, Plumbing pipes, faucets, flanges, gas pipes, valves.


Fire Protection, Fluid Control, Gas Pipe, Water Filtration, Medical Equipment, Hydraulic, Pneumatic

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