Teflon tape applicator

Widly used in Fire Protection, Fluid Control, Gas Pipe, Water Filtration, Medical Equipment, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Pressure gauge.

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Teflon Tape Machine Features

teflon tape applicator

Portable, small size and light weight

Automatic wrapping teflon tape on pipe thread

Touch screen, easy to operate and set up

pipe thread

Suitable for all kinds of threaded pipes and Gas tank, Valve, Flange

PTFE Tape Wrapping Machine Advantages

Save Money

The number of cycles can be set freely.

Reduce tape usage and waste caused by manual wrapping.

Can save costs by 500% on thread seal tape cost.

Save Manpower and Time

Wrapping a pipe thread takes only a few seconds, greatly improving efficiency and saving labor costs.

Increase efficiency by 600%

Quality Assurance

The Automatic teflon tape wrapper wrapping parts are strong, uniform, regular and reliable, not fall off, eliminating all leaks, ensure safety.

Easy To Count

The number of applications will be displayed on the Touch screen of teflon tape dispenser, making it easier to count..

How to wrap teflon tape on pipe threads

teflon tape

Prepare threaded pipe

teflon tape dispenser

Place the threaded joint onto Teflon Tape Applicator. The tape dispenser will wrap automatically in 3 seconds.

PTFE tape wrap

It is ready, Fast, safe and leak-free

If you’re still wrapping threaded joints or valve with PTFE thread seal tape by hand, The Teflon Tape application machine is the best choice for you!

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